Ethereum Position Closed for 22% Profit and New 2.0 Model Released

On January 30, Crypto-ML closed an open Ethereum long position for a 22% gain. This position was open for approximately 48 days.

Ethereum was the last crypto to be on the original “version 1” machine-learning model. As of this trade close, the new 2.0 model is now live.

Disclaimer: Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

ETH Trade Insights

While the 22% gain is great, especially given the general trend, the chart below provides fascinating insights into the machine learning model behavior and the cause for the upgrades to the Crypto-ML 2.0 models.

As you can see, the trade was opened at a nearly ideal spot and the true bottom of that local trend. In fact, the version 1 models were highly effective at opening positions ahead of such reversals.

However, they tended to be slow to close out trades. Had this trade closed in early January, the profits would have been significantly higher. The 2.0 models were designed to address this and do close out trades more quickly.

To learn more about the enhanced models:

To get a sense of how the 2.0 Ethereum model will perform, please view the updated Trade History page.

ETH Trade Crypto-ML 22 Percent

Trade Strategy Note

Crypto-ML’s recommended strategy is to trade with the market. That means taking short trades during bear markets and long trades during bull markets.

The particular trade above represents a long trade gain during a bear market. While this can and will happen, we urge caution with this approach. Crypto-ML’s Fear and Greed Index will help you evaluate the risk of your trades.

How to Receive Trade Alerts

Crypto-ML offers a free Starter membership providing access to the Fear and Greed Index.

To receive trade alerts, please see the Trader membership option.

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