Crypto-ML offers three types of trade alerts and a market index, all based on machine learning models. This page describes the differences and how to best use them.

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Market Index


The machine-learning based Crypto-ML Market Index provides a quantitative descriptor of the overall market condition, defining whether crypto is currently in a BULL or BEAR market.

Traders should be able to take both long and short trades in order to maximize success and trade probability.

Learn more about the Crypto-ML Market Index.


  • During bull markets, the probability of successful long trades increases.
  • During short markets, the probability of successful short trades increases.
  • The further from 0 the Market Index is, the strong the particular market.

Auto-ML Notifications


Auto-ML is a machine learning model optimized for long trades. It runs continuously throughout the day and may issue a trade alert at any time.

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  • BUY: Open a new long position.
  • SELL: Close an existing long position.

Supported coins: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Auto-ML Trade History

Short-ML Notifications


Short selling is also supported by its own machine learning model optimized to make money by shorting the market. Bitcoin is supported. Like Auto-ML, the Short-ML notifications run throughout the day and may issue a trade alert at any time.

Read more about Short Sell Notifications and How to Short Sell Bitcoin.



  • OPEN SHORT: Open a new short sell position.
  • CLOSE SHORT: Close an existing short sell position.

Supported coins: Bitcoin.

Short Sell Trade History