Trade Alert Descriptions

Crypto-ML offers three types of trade alerts and a market index, all based on machine learning models. This page describes the differences and how to best use them.

Managing Notifications

To select which email notifications you’d like to receive, simply head to My Account > Notification Selection.

Guide to turn on web, mobile, and app notifications.

Fear and Greed Index

Crypto-ML’s Fear and Greed Index uses machine learning and big data to provide insights and quantify the cryptocurrency market, helping you identify large-trend reversals.

Learn more about the Crypto-ML Fear and Greed Index.

The Fear and Greed Index is displayed on the Member Dashboard.

Trade Alerts

Crypto-ML’s machine learning alerts run continuously throughout the day and may issue a trade alert at any time. These trade alerts are based on predictions from machine learning models.

The goal of the Trade Alerts is to maximize your fiat account balance.

Trade alerts are provided to Trader and Auto Trader members (pricing). The following terminology is used:

  • OPEN LONG: Buy the cryptocurrency with US Dollar or other fiat.
  • CLOSE LONG: Sell the cryptocurrency in exchange for US Dollar or other fiat.

The Trade Signals are displayed on the Member Dashboard in the following format:

Machine Learning Diagram

Read about How Crypto-ML Works.

How Crypto-ML Machine Learning Bitcoin Trading Works
How Crypto-ML Machine Learning Bitcoin Trading Works