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Bitcoin = Opportunity

Clear, easy-to-understand tools to help you make long-term Bitcoin investing decisions.

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What you believe

Bitcoin is an amazing way to build long-term wealth.

Bitcoin will go up indefinitely relative to fiat over the long run. But the market will move in massive cycles over the short run.
Market cycles create opportunity. Acting on big market moves can multiply results.
Buy-and-hold is important but too simple.
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What we believe

We have the technology to quantify big market cycles.

Bitcoin goes through massive cycles every few years. It's a crash course in market psychology.
What if you could quantify when everyone else is greedy? What if you could quantify when everyone else is fearful?
You win by doing the opposite. Crypto-ML is designed to tell you when it's time to be a contrarian.

We also believe get-rich-quick is for suckers and scammers

Our results, both good and bad, are 100% public and transparent. We apply modern technology to timeless investing principles. Nothing more.

Patent-Pending Technology

Gain access to proprietary tools that emphasize timeless investment principles and deliver actionable insights.  Crypto-ML brings simplicity to a complex world.


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Plans for every Bitcoin investor.

Choose from FREE and PAID membership options.

Reduce Uncertainty

Let the power of machine learning fuel your crypto investing.

Track Record

Crypto-ML has a multi-year track record of helping its customers navigate bull and bear market cycles, delivering long-term results since 2018.

Full Transparency

Crypto-ML is a leader in transparency and a customer-first approach. Crypto-ML continues to evolve based on feedback and strives to deliver exceptional value.

Keeps Getting Smarter

The beauty of machine learning is it keeps learning. We train Crypto-ML models on new data systematically, ensuring they adapt to changing market conditions. 


Change Your Approach

Price Predictions

These indicators show price change expectations as determined by our Deep Neural Network machine learning system. Learn More about the Price Prediction Indicators.
Bitcoin Price Prediction

Access Our Data Set

Insider Pro members get access to the data we use to predict Bitcoin price movement, including 50+ data points spanning economic, global index, commodity, and sentiment. Use it for your machine learning and AI projects. Gathering and transforming financial data is expensive. This can save you hundreds of dollars per month. Available for download and by our APIs. Learn more about the Bitcoin Price Prediction Data.
Bitcoin Price Prediction Data

Fear and Greed Index

The machine learning Crypto-ML Fear and Greed Index provides a quantitative descriptor of the overall market condition, helping identify the big-picture market trend. The Fear and Greed Index leverages big data, ingesting exchange, technical, social, search, and other data points to determine likely market reversal points. Learn more about the Fear and Greed Index.
Crypto-ML Fear and Greed Index 2021

Price Channels

Crypto-ML offers unique, Bitcoin regression models help identify statistically-likely ranges of future price movement. The Crypto-ML Price Channels graph pairs with the Crypto-ML Fear and Greed Index to provide a more complete picture of the crypto markets. Learn more about the Price Channels.
Crypto-ML Price Channels

Leading-Edge Technology

Institutional investors and financial firms utilize machine-learning technologies to enhance their trading results. We believe in leveling the playing field.

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Where is Crypto-ML located?

Crypto-ML was founded in 2018. In the United States, we have ML offices in Colorado and Maryland.

We also have staff in Germany.

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How do I get started with Crypto-ML?

After signing up, you can browse through our excellent User Guides. The guides are short and concise, but also include videos and links to deeper-dive information if you want to learn more.

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How can I get help and support?

Our team is here to help you every step of the way! You can contact our support team 24*7. 

You can also find more FAQs right here.


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