Crypto-ML 2019 YTD Performance and Updates V3

Crypto-ML 2019 Year-to-Date Performance and Updates

Crypto-ML's machine learning platform for crypto traders and investors has had a strong 2019 thus far. In large part, we ...
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Bear Market Confirmed - Crypto-ML

Crypto Bear Market is Official – How to Proceed

The Crypto-ML Market Index indicates the Bitcoin and broader crypto markets are now officially in a bearish phase. On September ...
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Crypto Trading Machine Learning Models Upgraded to 3.5

Crypto Trading Machine Learning Models Upgraded to 3.5: Trailing Stops and Trade Meter Sync

This week, our crypto trading machine learning models have been upgraded to release 3.5, which adds two key features: trailing ...
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Crypto-ML Bearish Indicator Cryptocurrency 2019 Technical Analysis v2

Strong Bearish Indicators for Crypto Market Continue

While prices are up about 28% year-over-year, our machine learning platform is continuing to give strong bearish indicators for the ...
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Bitcoin Short Machine Learning Model Upgraded to 3.0

Bitcoin Short Machine Learning Model Upgraded to 3.0

The machine learning model for Bitcoin Short Selling has now been upgraded to the 3.0 series. This upgrade brings several ...
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Crypto-ML Market Index Aug 2019

Crypto Market Analysis – Bearish Indications

After Crypto-ML trades close, our machine learning models go through a reassessment process and give an updated perspective on the ...
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What is the USDC Stablecoin

What is the USDC Stablecoin?

USDC (United States Dollar Coin) is a stablecoin offered by Coinbase that is traded on numerous exchanges. It has important ...
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Crypto-ML 3.0 Released

[Major Enhancement] Machine Learning Models 3.0: Adaptive Stop Loss

Crypto-ML is pleased to announce a major upgrade to the machine learning models. This enhancement adds an adaptive stop loss, ...
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Stop Loss

Stop Losses for Crypto-ML

Crypto-ML provides trade alerts derived from machine learning that should identify ideal points to open and close positions. With Release ...
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Algorithmic Trading Crypto-ML

Algorithmic Trading and Machine Learning for Crypto Traders

Algorithmic trading is a procedural method whereby a computer opens and closes trades based on a set of instructions. Simply ...
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